His rescuers thought the puppy was sick, what they found broke their hearts

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If dogs are entrusted to owners to take care of them, this is unfortunately not always the case, the proof with poor little Benji.

When he arrived at the shelter  Rescue Dog s Rock NYC,  it was a thinness as the refuge of the employees thought Benji suffering from canine parvovirus . The truth is, the 6 month old puppy was just very severely malnourished .

Indeed, after having made him pass examinations to try to detect various diseases which could have caused his thinness, they finally realized that the poor animal was in a state of advanced malnutrition .

Despite the abuse he has suffered, young Benji has remained very sociable and gets along as well with humans as with his furry companions. 

Thanks to the care and food he received, the puppy is now better. It remains to find him a truly loving home where he will be taken care of. 

And if Benji can now claim a happy ending is far from the case of all dogs in his situation:  each day , the United States , 5500 dogs are  euthanized in shelters after being abandoned and often mistreated by their owners in whom they had full confidence.