They find a dog locked in a dirty cage, approaching they see a detail that changes everything

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Poor little Liszka …

How would you feel if you were trapped in a tiny and dirty space and could barely move?

This is what a puppy named Liszka experienced . Its abusive owner had left the puppy in a much too small cage, without the slightest sign of affection and obviously without any care. In her rusty cage, Liszka was dying.

Called to the rescue by neighbors, the OTOZ Animals team immediately removed the dog from its too small cage. But the worst was yet to come .

An injured dog

When rescuers opened poor Liszka’s cage, the dog did not move. At first, rescuers thought she was terrified, but it wasn’t just that. She couldn’t physically move .

By dint of being trapped in this tiny cage for days, Liszka could no longer move because of major muscle contractures.

A new start for Liszka

Taken to the veterinarian to be examined and taken care of, little Liszka was entitled to several treatments but also to regular massages . And after several days, she regained her mobility.

Today happy and well in her paws, Liszka is learning to walk and run like all dogs. When she is fully recovered, she will be able to join a family for life and begin a new chapter in her story.

Below you can discover the history of Liszka in video