The vet examines a DOG who has just given birth to her puppies: ultrasound is a shock

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An essential rescue which took place in an emergency. Luckily for Lexus, she ran into the right people at the right time to take care of her. 

Lexus, a stray Pit Bull dog had nowhere to go when she suddenly went into labor. The birth was therefore imminent. She went to take shelter at the end of a dark yard and gave birth to her puppies in the dark. A neighboring family then noticed the dog and called the association “Hope For Paws”.

The DOG is terrified

When rescuers arrived at the scene, the dog fled immediately because the flashlights greatly frightened her. However, the neighbors lent a hand in this rescue by preventing him from running away from the garden. 

The rescuers knew they had very little time to intervene so they quickly went to the place where the dog had left her young. 

The puppies were lying on the floor

Unfortunately one of the puppies had died shortly before and the others were struggling to hold on to life. 

Lexus was devastated by the loss of her puppy, but she quickly realized that rescuers were there to help her and to save her litter. 

After bringing her warm in the shelter, the dog was taking care of her young when she suddenly showed pain in her belly. 

The ultrasound revealed that she had a metal hood stuck in her stomach. As the bitch was looking for her food in the trash, she must have swallowed the cap of a can …

The dog was lactating so surgery was not an option for her. The rescuers therefore gave her something to vomit and prayed that she would get rid of the hood. Fortunately, it was a success and the pretty mum dog immediately felt better! 

It’s really heartwarming to see Lexus and her puppies in great shape at the end of the video. We hope that the whole little family will soon find their home for life!