Couple asks to euthanize their 17-year-old dog for no reason: vet makes radical choice

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Even though she is old and fragile, Daisy deserves to end her life surrounded by love.

In Fort Worth, Texas, a couple made the decision to request euthanasia of their 17-year-old dog. A request, unjustified, which was refused by “Saving Hope Rescue” who took charge of the dog in order to offer her an end of life worthy of the name.

A DOG looking for a home

Although deaf, Daisy is still in good shape for her old age and loves to enjoy a little quiet life: naps galore, cuddling sessions and meals! The refuge is now looking for the ideal family for her, who will accept to take care of her, while loving her!

An obviously complex search since Daisy is already very old and older dogs have difficulty finding families who want to support them until the end.