The policeman sees his dog sniffing a box, he opens it and discovers the saddest thing in the world

“This animal was illegally transferred under appalling conditions. It is an endangered species. “

According to the police, the tiger was to be sent from the state of Jalisco, in the west, to the state of Queretaro. If all the animal’s documents were in order, the fact remains that the way of making it travel was nothing more or less than cruelty.

A new life

Taken for treatment and rehydrating, the tiger was too low in weight but was otherwise in good shape.

Still, this whole story left the police totally perplexed: “We have a hard time understanding how anyone could have thought that this plan was going to work. Sell ​​an animal, stick it in a box, put it to sleep and leave it without food or water … It was not well thought out, which suggests that it is not the action of a criminal organization .

While it is difficult to know for what purpose the animal was sent in this way, it is likely to be to be a pet or to serve as an attraction, which is common in Mexico where animals are drugged for then be walked, photographed, caressed …

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