3 years after the disappearance of their dog, a couple receives a call that will upset them

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It was while moving to their new home that an American family lost track of their dog.

Maddie’s strange disappearance during the move

The Koster family live in the United States and share their lives with Maddie, a 13-year-old crossbreed dog in 2017.

In August, just before Hurricane Harvey hit, the family moved to another city. It’s when they start to move into their new home that the Kosters lose track of Maddie.

They tell clik2houston.com magazine : “We had a friend who helped us unpack our boxes. We think that’s when we lost track of her, because she followed our friend everywhere until we couldn’t find her ”. The family then searched for their dog for months, to no avail.

A moving reunion thanks to the mobilization of associations

After 3 years of wandering, the dog crossed paths with a volunteer from an animal protection association. Unfortunately for Maddie, her ID chip hadn’t been updated and didn’t give the correct contact details for her owners.

Several associations therefore mobilized and disseminated the photo of Maddie in social networks. The owners have finally been found!

The reunion was very moving, the president of the association who took care of the animal tells on Facebook  : “Many tears flowed during the reunion, tears of joy”. She adds “They have never replaced Maddie, so she will be loved and can end her old age with her family.”