The dog sees a kitten abandoned in the snow, what he does is incredible! (video)

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In the middle of winter, a dog had a caring and loving gesture by rescuing a little kitten lost in the snow. 

This video was filmed in Russia in the middle of winter. During the night, a lot of snow has fallen in this area, and although it is a magnificent sight to see, it can be very hard for the animals that live outside. 

The doggie rescues the refrigerated kitten

The dog immediately understood that the cat had nowhere to stay warm. He approached him and took him by the neck to take him away from the cold. 

A little surprised, the kitten did not let it go right away and began to protest with a few meows.

But the dog knew that the kitten would be much better protected from the snow so he continued with his “rescue”. 

He shelters the kitten in its own kennel

The doggie took him to his own kennel where he placed the kitten on its warm cushion. There, sheltered from the wind and the snow, it should be able to regain its strength. And this, even more, with the warmth of the dog by his side!  

The whole scene was filmed by the dog’s owner, who is moved by her dog’s act of benevolence. 

She congratulates him and the happy dog ​​looks at her, sticking out his tongue. This is the kind of video that balms the heart!