The reaction of this Dalmatian dog when he sees himself in the mirror is worth gold

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At first, the dog does not pay special attention to the mirror, nor to his reflection. But when he realizes what’s going on in front of him, his reaction is worth the detour!

All dog owners have had this experience of placing their pooch in front of a mirror to observe its reaction. There are those who come closer to see who is hiding on the other side, others watch in astonishment and there are also those who invite their reflection to play with them, as if it were another dog. 

A dog in the mirror!

In the video above we are going to see the reaction of a Dalmatian dog when he walks past a huge mirror. At first, the doggie does not pay particular attention to it. But all of a sudden he seems to realize there’s a dog in the mirror and gets a little more nervous.

At first, he watches and walks away with the hope that this other dog will disappear. But when he sees him reappear, he decides to try playing with him. Not having much success, he then tries to intimidate the dog he sees in the mirror. 

At the end, the dog decides the easiest solution and climbs on the bed of his humans to get to safety!