He leaves his dog alone at home and someone rings the bell: what the camera reveals is crazy!

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Dogs have many talents and always manage to surprise us a little more. This is the case of this German Shepherd dog who has a magical reaction when a delivery man rings the doorbell … 

Nuomi is not a common dog. Regularly, the doggie helps its humans in many daily tasks and its prowess is shared on social networks. 

A dog who receives the packages

In a video shared on Youtube about a year ago, Nuomi the dog is discovered sleeping quietly at his home as he is caught on camera by his humans’ security camera. 

Suddenly, someone rings the doorbell: a delivery man. Most naturally, the dog gets up and opens the door to receive the package before returning to his living room. 

Shared by the “South China Morning Post”, the video quickly gained success, but Internet users were wondering about its veracity. Is it really a delivery man who rang the doorbell and not Nuomi’s human? 

To find out, the “South China Morning Post” interviewed the dog’s family, as well as the famous delivery man who confirmed that he had given the package to the doggie, and that he was very scared!

Since then, Nuomi’s family have decided to make the introductions between the dog and the delivery man so that the latter does not get scared the next time. 

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