She saves a dog from a shelter, but once in the car there is a big unexpected

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A very nice surprise.

Rebecca Lynch was on vacation with her husband in Savannah, Ga., When she decided to make an unscheduled stop before heading home. While most people buy souvenirs, she decided to do something that matters a little more .

“There are a lot of euthanized dogs in shelters in Georgia, so I decided to adopt the one that needed them the most,” Rebecca told TheDodo.

This is how Rebecca met Lizzie, a pregnant dog. Obviously, the dog was very stressed at first, especially during the car trip. But after a few minutes, she started to relax .

But all of a sudden, Lizzie started to gasp .

A great surprise

At first surprised, Rebecca quickly understood that the bitch was restless and panting because she was going to give birth to her young. Only 20 minutes later, Lizzie had given birth to her first puppy.

Once at the vet, Lizzie had already given birth to her three babies. After examining her, the vet announced that everything was fine. Lizzie then gave birth to a fourth puppy at the vet, followed by two more on the way home. Like a pro  !

Today, Lizzie and her six puppies are doing wonderfully.