Golden Retriever Rescues Baby Rabbits And Brings Them To Their Mum (Video)

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A golden doggie, this “little” Bailey! He did not hesitate to come to the aid of little rabbits who needed help. 

Bailey is a Golden Retriever who has always had a lot of love to give. So when he met a litter of rabbits who had lost their mother, the doggie didn’t hesitate for a second to adopt these little ones who weren’t his.

A golden daddy

Obviously very proud of these five little bunnies, Bailey loves to cover them with hugs and let them sleep between his paws. A real daddy hen for these little ones who badly needed all this love. 

Obviously, the video was immediately a great success on Youtube where it has already accumulated nearly 8 million views. It must be said that Bailey and the rabbits are really cute and that it is impossible to resist them for long!

We let you savor this sweet story that has only just begun between Bailey the Golden Retriever and his 5 adorable rabbits.