After 5 years of love, he brings his dog back to the shelter and makes an announcement that leaves everyone speechless

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Abandoning Titus was never an option for his human who fought to the end for the happiness of his dog and his future. A magnificent lesson in life. 

Four months ago, Lewis Jimenez had to do something very difficult: bring his Pitbull back to the shelter where he had adopted him. But you shouldn’t always be fooled by appearances.

A nice meeting

It all started in 2013 in Austin, Texas. Lewis Jimenez is then in the only refuge in the city and falls under the spell of Titus, a Pitbull taking a walk. He then decides to adopt her and for five years, the two friends live a true fairy tale. Totally inseparable from his beloved dog, Lewis Jimenez explains that he does not envision his life without him. 

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