This mom dog does everything to hide her puppy in this crowded shelter (Video)

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Particularly moving images and a stronger bond than anything. Love, quite simply.

Life in shelters is not easy for the animals, who are often terrified there. It is in an overcrowded refuge in South Texas that this story takes place . Sadie, a mother dog is there with her daughter Benzy. A duo like no other and perfectly inseparable. With each passing minute, the mother dog does everything possible to reassure and protect her baby, terrified by this unknown and crowded universe.

If it is already complex for a dog to be adopted in a shelter, it is even more so when it is necessary to adopt two dogs at the same time… It is to help Sadie and her daughter that a volunteer of the association Rescue Dogs Rock came to film them. A video that shows the fear of the young puppy and the very protective behavior of his mother.

A video that saves two dogs

Once posted on social media, the video aroused emotion and many people fell in love with the mother-daughter duo . On the Facebook post, we can read accompanying the video: “’Mama Sadie doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t know how to help her baby, Benzy. She knows that they are both in danger in the shelter where they were abandoned and the baby Benzy is so petrified that she hides behind her mom who only wants to protect him, like any mom. “

Shortly after this video was posted, Dava Hammack stumbled upon it on her Facebook feed and was surprised to see that Sadie and Benzy were still at the shelter . Despite the 9 hour drive to the shelter and his four rescue dogs, Dava decided to volunteer to help this duo anyway.

Eventually, a rescue group decided to help Dava and walked part of the way with the two dogs, still scared. Fortunately, once they were with Dava and her daughter, the dogs began to calm down. Regardless, every time someone touches Benzy, Sadie walks over to check on her little one .

Soon Sadie and Benzy settled into their new home where they quickly started playing with the other dogs. While waiting to find a house where they will live happily, Benzy and Sadie take advantage of this new life full of games and sweetness .