A DOG is abandoned in front of a house with her puppy, when the vet makes an X-ray: it’s shock

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He was less of one to Bella and her cubs. 

It was a cold autumn night in November 2017. A family in Abbotsley, UK found an abandoned dog right outside their front door. This doggie was in very bad condition. 

Not really knowing what to do, the family then contacted the police who in turn called the local shelter Fenland Animal Rescue. The volunteers then go quickly to the site. 

A DOG who needs help

Once there, the volunteers were in shock. The dog was abandoned in an open crate, without any protection against the cold. Worse yet, she had just given birth to a puppy. 

While it was unfortunately too late for the first puppy, who died immediately after birth, the volunteers quickly took the dog to the veterinary clinic where she received an ultrasound. 

With surprise and relief, the vet announced that the bitch still has two puppies in her womb and quickly decided to have a Caesarean section to get them out as they were in the wrong position. 

Some good news

Several months later, the shelter posted a new message about the dog now named Bella. In the message, we discover that the two puppies are doing well. Best of all, the whole little family found a home for life soon after. 

A well-deserved new start for these furballs