Teen leaves school and sees a Pitbull near her mother: she runs and bursts into tears (Video)

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A moment that will remain etched in the memories of all those present that day as he was overflowing with love. 

A dog lover, Alexandria loves spending time on the Arizona Humane Society website to watch the doggies available for adoption.

Immediate love at first sight

One fine day, while looking at the refuge site, Alexandria crosses paths with a black and white Pitbull named Wyatt. Immediately, her heart leaps and she knows deep down that this dog is made for her family.

Alexandria then begs her mother to adopt her, but the latter explains to her that it is not the ideal time. Far from being discouraged, the teenager continues to monitor the information shared on Wyatt, verifying in the process that he is still available and has not found a family.

Dog love

At the shelter, Wyatt also wowed absolutely everyone from the moment he arrived. He immediately showed how endearing and loving he was, the perfect addition for any family that was lucky enough to meet and choose him.

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