She brings home an abandoned kitten, the reaction of her Doberman Pinscher is stunning

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Owner of several Doberman Pinschers, a New Yorker has decided to bring an abandoned kitten into her home. The reaction of his female will take everyone by surprise.

A kitten abandoned by its mother

Cute alert! The Pinschers Dobermans often have a bad reputation because of a character that can be aggressive. 

And yet, Ruby’s story challenges these preconceived ideas. This Doberman Pinscher is a real cream and a mother hen.

The American newspaper USA Today News tells in its columns the story of Brittany Callan of Genesco who lives in New York with her six Dobermans Pinschers.

While on her way to a construction site where her husband works, the woman finds a newborn kitten who was presumably abandoned by her mother.

The New Yorker then decides to pick up the small animal and bring it back to her home. A little feline who will come face to face with Ruby and her babies.

Surprisingly, the young mother will decide to take him under her wing by breastfeeding him simultaneously with his litter, born two weeks previously.

“She’s supposed to be a mother to everyone,” Brittany explained of her 4.5-year-old dog.

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