After a fireworks display, this dog gets scared and takes refuge in a wall, the police must intervene (video)

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A dog gets stuck in a wall after trying to escape the fireworks. 

No one knows how the poor doggie got stuck in a wall, but it did. A couple was quietly at home when they heard a stir in their wall …

They understand it’s a dog 

The scene took place on February 13 in Xiangshui County, China. The couple heard muffled noises coming from their wall and quickly realized it was a dog. They immediately alerted the police. 

The emergency services had no choice but to smash the wall so that the dog stuck in the plasterboard could come out. 

The doggie rescue can be seen on the video below. The police had to use a hammer to poke a hole in the wall and allow the dog to force its way outside. 

Fortunately the dog is safe and sound 

Despite the trauma he had to live, having to stay several hours stuck in the wall, the doggie suffered no injury. However, the same cannot be said of the wall! 

The dog was able to find his master safe and sound after being released. If no one knows how he got into the wall, one thing is certain: he tried to escape the noise caused by the fireworks. 

Here are some tips for soothing dogs during blast time: Avoid leaving your dog outside during fireworks, as they will tend to run around to escape the noise. 

Create a quiet space inside your house for him to take refuge in and turn on the TV or radio to drown out the sound of the explosions. 

Don’t hesitate to give your dog a toy so that he can relax by chewing on it.