Army dogs will soon wear augmented reality glasses

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Military dogs are trained to follow orders issued via laser pointers or hand signals. A technique that involves eye contact that is not always easy. This is why the American army wishes to equip its doggies with augmented reality glasses to push back the limits of possible interactions between dogs and handlers in certain areas of action. It is the Seattle-based company Command Sight, which should be responsible for the manufacture of these super glasses equipped with an integrated camera to transmit live and remotely the images seen by the dogs.

A visionary project

Equipping the dogs with RA glasses could thus allow the infantry patrols to more easily survey certain dangerous zones, search for targets or possible explosive charges. And for good reason, dog handlers must stay at a specific distance to be able to give them their orders, but thanks to these glasses, no more problem!

Very conclusive first tests

According to Stephen Lee, senior scientist at the Army Research Laboratory, the technology will be used to give clues and orders to military dogs and improve communication. However, it is not immediately that we risk crossing dogs wearing RA glasses.

These are indeed still at the test stage, even if the first feedback, made on a Rottweiler seems very conclusive, it is necessary to improve their ergonomics, their portability and also to sharpen their technology.