She receives alarming photos of a cat: a few months later the transformation is spectacular

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Khalon suffered the worst hardships during the first three years of his life. 

When Rosy Kim, the founder of the Allergic Rescuers KL organization in Malaysia saw the pictures of the cat Khalon, she knew she had to do something special for him. 

The poor tomcat is hard to see 

The cat was extremely malnourished when she first encountered him in 2020. She immediately took him to a local vet. 

After numerous medical tests, the examinations revealed that apart from a few lice and the flu, Khalon was doing quite well, despite weighing only 1.8 kg when he must have been around 3 years old. 

He was then placed in foster care while he recovered. When he arrived, Khalon was extremely thin, skin and bones. 

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