Passenger feeds stray dog: doggie reaction makes millions cry

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As a stray dog ​​tried to attract passers-by, a woman stopped to feed him. The reaction of the animal moved Internet users.

A scene filmed in the streets of Jinzhong, in the province of Shanxi in northern China, overturned the web. It shows a stray dog ​​standing on its hind legs with its front legs in the air, as if to get someone’s attention. And it seems that his little trick ended up paying off. Indeed, a passerby stopped to offer a sausage to the homeless animal, who seems moved by this gesture.

The dog moved by this generosity

This woman returned to visit the dog afterwards. As soon as he saw her coming, his tail started wagging, as if he recognized her. The Chinese woman has something new to feed the stray animal. And his reaction is more than poignant: his eyes start to cry again. Images that touched Internet users.

Asked by the Xiaoxiang Morning Post, this passerby explained that she had tried to carry the dog to her car, but he had run away. “The dog was worried that we would catch him like the dog thieves because that is what they would do: lure the dogs into the van with food before running away. “

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