This brave man fought 150-kilo bear to save his dog

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A dog owner in California stabbed a 150-pound black bear who was attacking his pitbull with a bullet point.

With its 40 kilos, this Pitbull did not weigh heavy in front of this bear of nearly four times its weight (150 kilos) but it was without counting on its darling and courageous master. 

He ran to the bear, grabbed it by the throat and hit it in the face

Kaleb Benham, a resident of Grass Valley, Nevada County, USA, was at home the day before Thanksgiving when he heard growls outside. However, his dog Buddy was just outside. Kaleb rushed outside and found his Pitbull … trapped in the jaws of a gigantic black bear that was “dragging him by the head.” The animal measured between 2m30 and 3 meters. Still, Kaleb didn’t cheat. He flew to the rescue of his beloved dog, adopted a few years earlier from a shelter. Without thinking, he ran to the bear, grabbed it by the throat and punched it in the face and eyes until it gave in and let go of its prey which was none other than poor Buddy. 

“If this was your child, what would you do?”

Here’s what this heroic master explains to  CBS  : “Honestly, the only thing I could think of was saving my baby.”

And to add: “If it was your child, what would you do? It is my child, I am ready to die for my dog”.

But Buddy was in terrible shape. Next step therefore, find an emergency veterinarian to save his dog. The animal had deep cuts near its eyes and tooth marks around its head.

Eventually, Kaleb made it to Mother Lode Veterinary Hospital. The Pitbull then underwent more than three hours of emergency surgery, in particular to suture his head and staple his ears.

Katelyn, Kaleb s sister has also appealed for donations on  Go Fund Me , in  order to raise funds to reimburse the huge veterinary bill. And Kaleb’s gesture seems to have been rewarded since the sum of $ 2,278 was raised.