To save his dog’s life, he launches an SOS to find a drug out of stock

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Falco is a 10 year old border collie who suffers from epilepsy. Unfortunately, since last July, the drug he needs is no longer available in stock in France. His master calls for help.

Ten years old, Falco the Border Collie unfortunately suffers from epilepsy. To avoid seizures, which could have disastrous consequences on his health, the doggie takes Pexion tablets twice a day. A treatment that he supports perfectly well.

Unfortunately, this drug is not found in France at the moment, and Falco, he needs it. 

A cry for help

Made in Mexico, the drug Pexion 400 will not be available in France until the end of November. But it will be too late for Falco and his human who have almost no more pills in stock and are in dire need of them. 

C’est donc sur les réseaux sociaux  que Didier Lloret a décidé de tenter sa chance en publiant un message pour solliciter de l’aide en attendant le mois de novembre. Une vraie course contre la montre est lancée. En attendant, Falco a commencé une transition vers un autre traitement qui on l’espère se montrera aussi efficace. 

Posted by Pattes en cavale 50 on Thursday, October 1, 2020

Falco is obviously not the only dog ​​affected by this shortage since this drug is widely used. Hopefully this cry for help will bear fruit.