She strokes her dog and feels something hard in her belly: the vet can’t believe it!

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When passing an X-ray to Shady, the vet got a big surprise. No wonder the doggie’s stomach is so hard!

It is well known, dogs are true bellies on legs. And unlike cats, they don’t always think twice before swallowing something that they find appetizing, or just the right size for their mouths!

Unfortunately, this sometimes causes real tragedies, and we regularly hear about dogs poisoned, or who had to go urgently to the vet after having swallowed such and such an object …

This is the case in the story we are talking about here, which takes place in Australia.

A dog who likes stones a little too much

Belynda Armstrong is the foster mom of Shady, a doggie who recently scared her of his life. It was while stroking the dog that she felt that something was wrong: there seemed to be stones inside.

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