She abandons her dog on a bench in a park: her excuse angers social networks

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A few days ago, a photo of a dog tied to a bench in a park completely set Facebook on fire.

On February 23, in a park in Langreo, a dog was found alone, tied to a bench. This while the weather was obviously particularly cold.

Hours later, when it was clear that no one was coming to pick him up, the pooch was taken to a local shelter.

But the photo of the dog, strapped to a bench, was posted on social media where it sparked outrage.

A frozen and terrified animal

Obviously very stressed, the dog was shaking with both fear and cold when he was found and brought back to the shelter. Fortunately, people with big hearts had decided to help him, whatever the cost.

In parallel with the rescue, the photo of the dog alone on his bench was posted on Facebook. Many people then began to investigate the identity of the master of this doggie, in order to put him in front of his actions.

Eventually, a woman confessed that it was her dog. In the comments, she indicated to have entrusted it to a woman because she could no longer take care of it … She continues by explaining that the person in question would have lost the dog the same day, accidentally and explains that she is very sad about the situation.

For the moment, the refuge has not expressed itself on this subject, but the explanations of this woman were not considered very convincing by Internet users.