He watches his 2 dogs in the snowy garden: suddenly, a terrible accident occurs (Video)

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The drama unfolded right before his eyes. Fortunately, thanks to a quick intervention, the pooch was saved.

It was in Southlake, Texas, that a man was scared of his life because of his dogs.

A snowy garden

It was the security camera that filmed the whole scene. It all started calmly in Dan Holmes’ snowy garden. The two family dogs quickly appear in the picture. They walk around the garden quietly.

One of the more adventurous dogs decides to try his luck on the layer of ice covering the family pool. Unfortunately, the ice breaks within seconds and the dog falls into the frozen water.

Panicked, the animal cannot cope on its own …

An invigorating rescue

Luckily, Dan is then nearby and has witnessed the whole scene. Without wasting a second, he gets closer to his dog, and even goes into the frozen water to get him out.

In seconds, everyone is safe by the pool.

By sharing this video Dan wanted to remind all dog owners to beware of ice which can turn into a death trap in seconds.

Video of the frozen rescue