This poor Husky has been abandoned 7 times, each time for the same sad reason (video)

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Houdini has known too many homes which rejected him after a few days. He is now looking for his home for life. 

Houdini the Husky is ready to take flight forever. The 3-year-old doggie was adopted and then brought back to the DAS (Department of Animal Services) refuge in San Diego, California. 

They are tired of seeing him run away 

Her first family brought Houdini back after a few days, after being “overwhelmed” by her ability to always run away. He even jumped through a window to escape, sweeping the glass in his path. 

His other owners brought him back because the dog had too much energy to spare and because they felt that the pooch couldn’t bond with them. 

The poor dog was very disturbed by his many comings and goings at the shelter. 

Adoptions only last a few days 

Because of all of his “mini-adoptions”, the dog may view the shelter as his true home and the homes he was adopted into as “vacation”. 

Shelter employees indicate that the dog needs a lot of exercise, so his next owner should want to play sports with him on a daily basis or at least have a large garden where the dog can sit. spend. 

Houdini understands orders perfectly and responds well. The doggie just needs a patient and caring home. 

It will take time for him to tame his future master and his new life. The refuge even offers to provide the future adopting a dressage coach for free!