He does not hesitate to lie to the police to “get rid” of his dog: nothing happens as he had planned

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On the night of February 16, Justin Allen Brumbaugh, a 31-year-old man called the police to report a stray dog ​​barking outside his home in the middle of the night. 

The police quickly went to the scene 

When the police arrived at his home, Justin told them he had no idea who the dog belonged to, but it was not his. He was totally unaware at the time that the neighbors had told them that the dog was indeed his. The police had in hand the Facebook photos of Justin with his dog. 

The poor doggie was barking because he had been locked outside in the cold winter. He had nowhere else to stay warm. 

The man becomes violent with the police

When the cops asked Justin again if it was his dog, he got violent and cursed at them, before finally confessing the truth. 

He told the police that he didn’t want the dog to come inside because he couldn’t get along with the other animals in the house. That night in Pennsylvania, temperatures were around -6 degrees. 

The dog was eventually taken from Justin and the police turned him over to a shelter.

Justin is currently being prosecuted for making false allegations to law enforcement and for an act of animal cruelty. The police chief said the dog is in good health, but for now, given the nature of the case and the ongoing legal proceedings, the shelter has requested to remain anonymous.