This tiny French Bulldog puppy was abandoned for a very cruel reason

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Poor little Augustus who only wanted to be loved despite his deformity … Fortunately, this mini-format hides a big clapper who did everything for a better life. 

When vet Meghan DeBiasio met Augustus, she had no idea he was so tiny. Yet she knew the dog was small. But nothing prepared her for this meeting with the young French Bulldog of three weeks. 

Too small a dog

Seeing that Augustus was not like the other puppies, his breeder decided to abandon him in the SNOS association (Short Nose Only Rescue Team) because he did not want to take care of him. 

Augustus was born with a cleft palate which made it difficult for him to eat properly. That’s how at the age of three weeks, the puppy was only the size of a newborn baby. 

“Most of the time, breeders don’t want to bother with a puppy that has a cleft palate. The cleft palate then becomes a condemnation. “

As Augustus was unable to feed himself, Meghan DeBiasio decided to take him home to provide adequate care. After several weeks, the French Bulldog puppy began to eat on his own. A great victory for everyone, but it was still too early to consider an operation. Especially since it is very likely that the poor puppy also suffers from hydrocephalus.

A new life

Comfortably installed in Meghan DeBiasio’s house, Augustus gradually discovers the normal life of a small puppy. He recently discovered the pleasure of walking in the grass and chasing leaves and other insects. At his adoptive mother, the puppy also met the other dog of the family with whom he quickly became inseparable.

When he has gained enough strength, Augustus can finally be operated on for his cleft palate and begin a simpler life. His hydrocephalus will also need to be treated. 

“There is still a lot to do, but he deserves it,” explains Meghan DeBiasio who has totally fallen for the little puppy’s face.