A drowning dog’s desperate wish comes true.

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Sometimes all it takes is a glimmer of hope.

Falling into a very deep well, this little dog swam in circles for hours before being totally exhausted and resigned. She then stopped struggling, unable to make the slightest movement . It was then that she noticed something that changed everything!

After long minutes in the water, left to her own devices, the little dog was discovered by a villager who immediately contacted the Animal Aid Unlimited association to help her. In a very short time, a rescue team was on site, but the dog seemed hopeless to be saved …

While waiting for the sound of the rescue team, the dog immediately had a surge of energy, as if she knew she was going to be saved. She then began to swim in a circle, as if to prove that she was there, and that she was only waiting for help.

Once the rescuer arrived at his height, the bitch did not need to be asked and immediately jumped into his arms. Once placed in a kind of pod, it was brought up to the surface. Once on dry land, the dog was examined to see if there was anything broken and was then able to rest quietly.

Without the intervention of the Animal Aid Unlimited association, this dog would no longer be alive.