The policewoman sees a man pass by with his dog: she clicks and rushes towards them

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Without the vigilance of this policewoman, the poor dog would still be in the hands of her executioner. 

The Onondaga County Animal Abuse Registry has proven to be a fundamental aid in rescuing a dog in Syracuse. 

She recognizes the criminal walking with a dog 

It all started when police officer Tara Kalil noticed a man walking with his dog while on patrol. Having studied the register carefully, Tara immediately recognized the man indicted several times for mistreatment and cruelty to animals. 

Tara hastened to launch an investigation, because she suspected that the man had reoffended with the poor dog who accompanied him. 

The two-year-old dog named Della had been given by her former owner to a “trusted person”, but since then Della had changed homes several times. She ended up being sold to this criminal without anyone worrying about her safety. 

The police put the dog out of danger 

Thanks to Tara’s efforts, Della was able to be pulled from the clutches of her executioner. She has been placed in the Humane CNY shelter where she is awaiting adoption. She is in good hands now. 

While Della is very cheerful and energetic, however, she shows signs of anxiety due to her lack of stability in life. 

Della’s story reminds us of how useful it is to have a logbook that records animal abuse.¬†