She sees her Pitbull jumping on her baby, when she understands she starts running (Video)

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A real shock for this mother of three children. 

The night of tragedy

The events took place on the night of June 3, 2018 in Stockton, California. Just before midnight, with her whole family gathered in the yard, Sasha, an 8 month old female Pitbull, begins to fidget. She seems nervous and starts barking .  

An unusual behavior that immediately surprised his family.

A four-legged heroine

Nana Chaichanhda opened the door to see why the dog was howling and behaving in such a strange way. The dog then started running towards the room of Masailah, seven months old.

“When I walked into the bedroom, Sasha had already grabbed the baby by the diaper and dragged her out of the bed,” the little girl’s mom told KCRA .

This is where Nana understands that a fire is ravaging her house. It was for this reason that the bitch was so nervous.

In no time, the whole family’s house was destroyed by fire . But the good news is that thanks to Sasha, everyone is safe and sound in the family. And this is undoubtedly the most important.