They bid farewell to their dying baby, their dogs’ reaction made the whole world cry (Video)

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A very moving and loving story that shows the big hearts of animals and the incredible relationship they have with their humans. 

In May 2016, the whole world was moved by the story of John and Mary Hall and their daughter Nora. Only five months old, the girl suffered a stroke that paralyzed her nervous system. In a coma, the little girl was hospitalized in a hospital in Minnesota where she died, surrounded by her relatives. Of all his relatives. 

A baby surrounded by the love of his parents and his dogs

While the announcement of the doctors fell and confirms that the days of the girl are numbered, the two   basset hounds  of the family refuse to leave her and spend their time glued to the girl on her hospital bed.

It was thanks to the employees of the hospital that this was possible. The parents were able to express their last wishes and they asked if their dogs could stay because they were very close to the little girl they have known since birth. This is how the girl’s bed was lowered so that her dogs could come close to her and bid her farewell. And it is surrounded by her best friends and her parents that the little girl took her last breath, surrounded by the love of her family and soothed. 

“She passed away with her dogs at her feet, while we hugged her, sang songs, stroked her, while telling her how much we loved her,” her parents told the media. 

Thanks to the kindness of the hospital staff , Nora was able to pass away alongside those who loved her. Her dogs Gracie and Grumpy were able to say goodbye to her and realize that she wasn’t coming back.

Nora’s parents subsequently posted beautiful photos and video in tribute to their daughter. Memories that will always remain engraved in their memory.