He abandons his dog in the mountains: what the vet discovers on the radio is horrible

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When she was abandoned, Luna was destined for death. But life gave him a well-deserved second chance. Something to bring back a smile to this dog who only asks to be loved. 

For some people, owning a pet is like owning a simple object that you can obviously get rid of at will. This is how a dog named Luna was abandoned in the mountains by her owner when she needed his help more than ever and her body was in immense pain. 

A momentous rescue for Luna

Fortunately for the dog, she was found before dying of hunger or thirst, alone in the sometimes hostile nature. It was Viktor Larkhill and his team who intervened that day to bring the dog out of her loneliness and finally take her in charge. The team immediately realized that the dog had a problem with the legs which were broken. So much that bones were sticking out of his skin. An urgent situation. 

Luna was therefore taken to the veterinarian so that he could make a complete assessment of his state of health, and that he intervene on his paws. 

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