After 10 months without seeing her trainer, the Dog has a reaction that takes everyone by surprise

Rave is a very affectionate Poodle dog who will never pass up the opportunity to party a friend! 

Last year, Rave’s owner Kim Carino decided to take her puppy to a training class. It was a friend of Kim’s late brother who offered to help show the puppy how to be well behaved and very social. 

A very strong friendship 

Over time, he became more than just a teacher for Rave. They saw each other every week and the doggie adored him. 

The training sessions lasted all summer in a park, until Rave finally “graduated.” But the adorable dog never forgot it. 

A few weeks ago, 10 months after the end of the training, Kim and the teacher of Rave decided to meet in the famous park to surprise the doggie.

The professor sat quietly on a bench and Kim managed to walk quietly past the bench casually. 

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