He asks to have his dog euthanized because she is too big, he would never have imagined the rest

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Honey’s fate could have been dramatic, but thanks to love she is very happy today. A beautiful revenge on life. 

When a female Beagle named Honey was abandoned at the SPA in June 2018, she could barely stand on her feet as she was chubby, not to say obese. But the worst part about this whole abandonment thing was that a member of Honey’s family had asked that she be simply euthanized. What the employees refused.

“She was so young, we knew we could help her,” Honey’s foster family told TheDodo.

Thanks to a visit to the veterinarian, a thyroid problem was diagnosed in the bitch who was able to lose 5 pounds just by taking appropriate treatment. But it was clear that his weight gain was not caused solely by this health concern.

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