1 week after adopting their dog, they hear the worst news!

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A week ago, Brody the shelter dog was more than happy to finally find his foster family. Everything was shaping up well for him, he was finally going to be able to spend happy days in his new home! But alas, it did not go as planned. Just a week after adoption, Brody’s new family returned to the shelter in utter desperation. They explained to the shelter team that Brody had barely eaten in a week and had great difficulty breathing.  Very worried, they went to the vet for examinations and the worst was diagnosed. Brody had a very strong heart murmur,he needed urgent surgery . Unfortunately, with two small children, Brody’s family could not afford the costs of the operation.

Mobilization on social networks 

Faced with this tragic situation, they were very afraid that the only way out would be euthanasia. All of Brody’s family loved him too much to lose him already.  With Brody’s critical condition ( as you can see in the video below ) and the desperation of his new family, the shelter reached out to all of its partners for help.

Very good news, it is a partner of the refuge, the Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs association, who was able to help Brody and his new family. The association mobilized its community on its social networks to cover all the costs of Brody’s operation! The dog is now out of danger and he was able to find his family to live more serene days!