Devastated dog shows up at church every day for a heartbreaking reason

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This heartbroken dog has proven that canine loyalty knows no bounds after being introduced daily to church mass where his beloved owner was buried.

Maria Margherita Lochi took in Tommy, a German Shepherd cross  , when he was just a puppy. The duo made an incredible bond and barely spent a day apart from each other over the next seven years. Then, a tragedy occurred. Maria passed away, leaving Tommy alone, without the sole owner he had ever known.

Tommy attended Maria’s funeral, which was held at a local church in the small town of San Donaci, Italy. A few people tried to offer Tommy a home after the service, but it was evident that the grieving dog wasn’t ready to forget about his favorite human.

Will she never come back?

And it became even clearer a few days later when Tommy started showing up at church during mass as you can see in the video below:

Now Tommy shows up every day, lying just a few feet from where he last saw his “mother”. He then waits for the end of the shift before leaving.

Locals are sure Tommy is awaiting his owner’s return. The animal is fiercely loyal, especially since it has never known more than this one owner.

Tommy’s mom would be proud

Unfortunately, the people of San Donaci cannot resuscitate the mother of Tommy’s dog. But they make sure that this grieving dog is well looked after.

The city got together a few weeks ago and decided to make Tommy the official dog of San Donaci. Now Tommy has dozens of people looking out for him every day. His beloved mistress must be so proud of him from up there.