Family decides to abandon 9-year-old dog for sickening reason

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After 9 years with his family, Lascar the dog was no longer welcome. An abject decision on the part of his former humans …

On its Facebook page, the “Capucine Cazères” association has decided to share the sad story of a dog named Lascar. Aged 9, the doggie has always lived with his family and knows nothing else. At least that was the case until it was abandoned a few days ago. 

A dog abandoned because of his age

It all started when Lascar’s family decided to take him to the veterinarian to have him euthanized. Without the slightest valid reason, except that this family no longer wishes to share their life with poor Lascar who has become less “fun” as they get older. 

Fortunately, the veterinarian quickly understands that there is no reason to euthanize the poor doggie and decides to propose his placement in a refuge and therefore his abandonment. The family accepts immediately, relieved to get rid of this dog which has become too bulky. 

A neglected dog

According to the association which took charge of Lascar, the latter would have been neglected all his life, treated as a simple flowerpot, a “garden decoration”. Lascar therefore found it difficult to understand that people wanted to take care of him, but he is already starting to get used to this new life. 

But Lascar will not survive long in a box of refuge whereas he has always lived within a family. The association is therefore looking for a long-term foster family, or adopters, so that he ends his life smoothly, surrounded by all the love he deserves.