He abandons his dog in the wild, but did not notice a small detail (Video)

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A particularly cowardly act that has been around the world … Fortunately, justice has been done for this dog cowardly abandoned by his human on whom he relied more than anything.

It was in the city of Dallas that a man was filmed abandoning his dog in the wild several years ago. Unfortunately, a gesture that is increasingly common all over the world where acts of cruelty to animals are on the increase.

Filmed by the police without knowing it

In the video, the man can be seen pulling his black and white dog out by pulling forcefully on his leash. The animal begins to walk a little away from the car, dragging its leash behind it. Meanwhile, the man climbs back into his vehicle as calmly as possible and sets off again, without a last glance for his four-legged companion. No matter how much the little dog tries to catch up with the car of the one who was her master, she will not succeed.

But what the man didn’t know was that he was being filmed by the police. He was therefore arrested directly for an act of cruelty to an animal and will have to respond to justice because it is forbidden to abandon an animal in this way.

As for the dog named Claira-Belle, she has already been adopted.

Below, you can watch the video of this abandonment.