He stands in line to abandon his dog, when the volunteers see his face they are horrified

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A more than heartbreaking photo.

Giving up your pet is not a trivial act and should always mean pain . An abandonment at the Miami-Dade refuge particularly shocked the volunteers and we can understand why.

A cruel abandonment

Gordo is a two year old dog who was taken by his owner to the shelter to be abandoned. But his owner obviously had no trouble, on the contrary .

In the photo taken by the volunteers of the refuge, we see the frightened dog, held by his master in a very uncomfortable position. As for the master in question, he obviously seems to find the scene particularly amusing . A contrast which is really shocking: on the one hand the terrified dog, on the other his master all smiles.

But this heartbreaking photo proves Gordo will be better off anywhere else than in his previous home. The doggie was also adopted shortly after the publication of this photo .

We wish him all the best.