Two teens film cat being abused and do nothing: the reason is very shocking

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Two teenagers chose to film a scene of abuse rather than calling 17 to help the poor cat. 

In Montélimar, a cleaning agent picked up a dying cat with his shovel before throwing it without further qualms in his garbage truck.

The act of cruelty was filmed from the top of a building in the street by two teenage girls who then posted the video of the facts on Twitter. 

The 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation filed a complaint with the police and filed a civil action. 

Why post such a video on Twitter? 

According to a source close to the police investigation, the two young girls would have watched the scene of the animal’s agony for 54 minutes. 

No one understands why the young girls preferred to film the scene of this excruciating agony instead of coming to the cat’s aid. 

The teens said they did not react “for fear of the coronavirus” if the cat was a carrier. 

But why did you post this video on Twitter? The questions we ask ourselves while watching this video will remain unanswered forever. 


When will non-assistance to endangered animals be legally recognized? 

The cleaning agent will be called to appear for his act of cruelty in court on October 12, 2020, while the two young girls, minors, will not be prosecuted. 

“Non-assistance to endangered animals” is not yet recognized or punished by law. 

Teams of animal rights associations invite witnesses of animal abuse to take photos or film the scenes to support legal proceedings, in no case to prevent the person from rescuing the animal. 

Remember that if you witness a scene of animal abuse, you can call 17 to inform the authorities who will be competent to intervene or transfer the request to the veterinarian at the pound.