This dog follows the children of his masters to college, he is summoned to the principal’s office

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ummoned to the principal’s office, Sandy seems very ashamed of his actions … 

Dogs have an unwavering loyalty to their families. This is one of their many qualities and it is also for this reason that they are often said to be man’s best friends. However, their loyalty can sometimes have certain consequences …

The doggie tries every day to follow the children to school

The Labradoodle Sandy was born in the family of Karen Manthey. He is very attached to his family and even more to Karen’s children. 

The doggie often tries to follow the children on their way to school. They always manage to stop him before he follows them for good, but one day the dog managed to outwit the kids’ attention and make it back to college! 

In the establishment, one of the supervisors surprised him and immediately took him to the principal’s office. It was there that Karen received a text message with the photo of her dog in the principal’s office.

He also wrote a little note: “I know that not all Labradoodles are necessarily yours, but does this one belong to you?” At the time, her phone was off so Karen did not receive the photo in real time … 

Sandy ends up going home 

Since Karen was not responding and the Manthey family lived next door to the college, the principal allowed one of the children to bring Sandy home. 

When Karen got the message with the photo, she was mortified and ran to school to apologize. Luckily, the principal found the incident hilarious and didn’t hold it against him. 

Karen decided to share the photo on her Facebook account and we thank her for it, because it made us laugh a lot too!