They find a dog tied up in a train station, opening the suitcase next to him they can’t believe

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Poor Kai was abandoned in the worst possible way many years ago. But this story is still heartbreaking and shows how some people can be cruel to animals. 

The story of Kai, an abandoned little dog, toured Britain in late 2018, shortly after Christmas. It must be said that she is particularly sad. 

An abandonment that makes you cry

Kai was found in a train station in Scotland, totally delivered to himself. To make sure he wouldn’t run away, his former masters took the time to tie him tightly. Next to him was also a suitcase. 

When the members of the local SPA arrived on the scene, they immediately untied the poor doggie and looked at this suitcase abandoned by his side. When they opened it, they found all of little Kai’s belongings inside: some toys, some food, a bowl of water and his pillow. 

Upon taking a closer look at Kai, rescuers also found that the dog was in poor condition and had undoubtedly been abused by its owner. Since he was microchipped, they easily found his name and other information. 

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