Adopted after 4 years in a shelter, this old dog has an unforgettable reaction

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“As long as there is life, there is hope”, this adage can not be better confirmed with Dreadlock. Indeed, this 10 year old dog has spent the past four years hoping that someone will adopt him. And when that finally happens, the animal begins to hop like a young puppy.

A happiness and a pep’s that are nice to see, especially when you know that Dreadlock is no longer of any youth at the top of his 10 years. However, after a decade of difficult life – He arrived at The Soi Dog Foundation Shelter in Thailand 4 years ago with horrific skin issues, along with dirty, matted fur, which earned him his name – he is now much better.

On the one hand, because the shelter staff took great care of him, even managing to treat his skin problems, but also and above all because he has just learned a lot of news: a man has come to adopt him. 

The animal which is usually not very active due to its old age, privileging moments of peace and tranquility suddenly jumped for joy, as you can see in the video below: