A family welcomes a dying puppy: they have the surprise of a lifetime at the vet!

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A story as overwhelming as it is beautiful. 

Faith was one of 4,000 dogs living in a crowded shelter in Ankara, Turkey, when a family decided to bring the dying puppy back with them.

An adoption that makes sense

In Turkey with her husband and two daughters, Mary Bryant-Carucci has always been committed to animals. It is therefore very natural that the mother and her daughters volunteered to work in a local shelter every Saturday in order to help as many dogs as possible. 

When Mary and her daughters crossed paths with a litter of particularly sick puppies, they decided to give them a chance to live their last days in good conditions. So the family decided to welcome Faith, Hope, Chance and Grace. Unfortunately, only Faith survived for more than a few days, but she was in absolutely terrible condition and suffered from many health problems. 

In fact, Faith was so weak that she rarely, if ever, left the box she had been brought in to her new home. She looked so sick that she didn’t want to do anything other than watch what was happening from her box.

Even though the whole family knew that Faith only had a few days, or weeks, to live, everyone fell in love with her from the first hugs. And little by little, Faith even got back on her feet. 

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