Terrible abandonment on Christmas Eve: a 3-year-old child and his dog abandoned in a cemetery

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Just before Christmas, a 3-year-old boy was abandoned in a cemetery with his dog.

Although Christmas is a rather cheerful time for most children, there are, unfortunately, some much less cheerful stories.

Dropped on December 23

On December 23, a young boy named Tony was found with his dog in the cemetery in Hinckley, Ohio, United States.

According to testimony, a blue car was seen. When stationary, the car blocked part of the road to the cemetery. When a person approached, the car fled at high speed. It was then that the young boy was seen with his dog, running behind the vehicle.

Police and Social Services were contacted and Tony was able to be taken care of and placed with a foster family.

The solidarity of the inhabitants and the continuation of the investigation

Moved by this story, many people wanted to support Tony by sending him messages and giving him gifts.

The investigation, meanwhile, is continuing. The child was in the care of his mother when he was found in the cemetery. According to the police, the father appears to be cooperating in order to advance the investigation.