She finds an abandoned cat, 3 days later she understands that she has been told a huge lie

“When I found her, she just looked terrified and chilled and was very thin,” Ruth told TheDodo website.

A confusing little word

Looking more closely at the transport crate, Ruth notices that there is also a little note explaining this abandonment. On the note it is stated that the owner of the cat tried everything before making the decision to give it up. Why ? Quite simply because the tomcat has permanent diarrhea and defecates everywhere in the house without using his litter box. A situation that his master can no longer bear.

The cat was immediately taken to the shelter for examination. Renamed Dusty, it was obvious that the poor kitten hadn’t eaten enough in the past few months because she was way too thin. 

After a few days in the shelter, Ruth could only see that her former owner had not necessarily told the whole truth. Because at the shelter, Dusty has always eaten well, defecates in his litter box and has never had the slightest diarrhea … 

A new start for Dusty

To be sure, the members of the shelter still gave Dusty a few tests, who was then offered for adoption. 

At the same time, the members of the shelter are still looking for Dusty’s master in order to discuss the situation with him.

“What is sad is that if the owner had asked us for help, we would have taken this poor cat, because we always make room for desperate cases, and the poor kitty would not have remained in danger. . If the cat had taken out of its crate, there is a very busy and dangerous road which passes in front of our refuge… ”

Regardless, Dusty is safe today.

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