His dog steals a cake and dies: the mistake no master should ever make

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When the dog “Paul” is left unattended for a brief moment, he steals a cake. Soon after, he is in agony and is fighting for his life.

This Facebook post received countless reactions from astounding Internet users. Almost 16,000 users left a shocked comment or wished Paul the best of luck, the post has been shared over 69,000 times. Because no other animal should suffer such a bad fate.

Sweet  Labrador  Paul, who usually walks around and plays so happily with his dog group friends, has been poisoned. Involuntarily. Just because he stung a piece of cake and ate it when no one was looking at him. Fatal mistake: the cake was baked with xylitol, a sugar substitute for humans but extremely toxic to animals! Even if they only consume a tiny amount.

The dog dies for stealing cake

Paul suddenly starts to  vomit over and over again , his whole body trembles, his joints swell and he becomes completely listless. He is then immediately taken to the vet clinic and the vets fight for his life. Meanwhile, the post appears on Facebook in hopes of educating other users about the harmfulness of xylitol. Because still too few people know it.

Alas, it is already too late for Paul. The vets must finally give up their fight to save his life. The dog died of the effects of xylitol poisoning. One can only hope that other animals will not suffer the same fate.