She takes her dog to the vet, he opens his mouth and understands that there is a big problem

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The vet was totally in shock!

Adopting an animal is always a wonderful moment in a life and it turns everything upside down. Sometimes even a little more than expected. 

A dog like no other

This is precisely the case with Aurora Rutledge of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Delighted to have adopted a Great Dane named Loki, she took him for a routine visit to the vet . Unfortunately, not everything went as planned. 

By examining the dog’s mouth, the veterinarian could not restrain a cry of surprise: the latter had no less than 70 teeth, or about twenty more than normal! An absolutely incredible situation. 

In order to relieve Loki, the vet had to extract 21 teeth , for the modest sum of over 700 dollars. A very steep bill for Aurora who did not expect this at all by adopting a dog from a shelter. 

Today Loki is better and is recovering from this major dental operation. He needed a little time to get on his feet, but is already doing a lot better.