Dog tied to a pole: the owner tells them about a detail that makes their hair stand on end

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Bella is an American Bulldog dog who has had a terrible mishap, but luckily everything ends for the best!

The 12-year-old Bella was picked up from the Vias pound after being found tied to a post in the town of Agde.

They locate its owner

The pound was quickly able to find the name of its current owner, as the dog was identified with the name of its first owner who was able to provide the information in order to find Bella’s mistress.

Over the phone, the lady told them that she “was not proud” of her gesture, and that she had no money to take care of Bella or to euthanize her. 

When asked by the members of the pound why she wanted to have her euthanized, she replied “because she hardly moves”. 

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